How to use this book to land a job

FrontCoverTHIS IS A REFERENCE BOOK. You can use it as a handy manual for guiding your job-finding campaign from its beginning to your successful landing.

There’s no need to plough through the entire book for advice. To do so would be counterproductive and the antithesis of the purpose for which the book is intended — to focus on a one-minute coaching vignette that will enable you to solve a particular problem encountered in your job campaign today.

When you get training all at once, you read too many tactics without assimilating them. This causes self-help indigestion. For that reason, Your One-Minute Job Finding coach is meant to be read piecemeal; in easy to learn and digest one-minute coachings. This lets you focus on advice as needed on a slew of subjects that surround your search and career.

Never could a non-swimmer read a book about how to swim and then jump into the deep end of a pool. Swimming, like most everything you learn, is taught with one doable step at a time in shallow water. For this reason, the topics of each chapter—whether it be how to make a good first impression, turning interviews into job offers, or best ways to cope with rejection—have been broken down into numerous one-minute coaching vignettes. Each can be read in just a minute. And then creatively applied to solve particular problems as they come up for you in your campaign each day.

A specific coaching is sometimes repeated from different angles. This is for emphasis and learning. Restating lets you choose a coaching vignette you’re most comfortable with. Then apply it to your job-finding campaign. All it takes is a minute to read. You don’t get that anywhere where prescribed rules for learning are enforced.

The book is divided into three sections. The first, How to find a job, presents easy to understand coachings to help you be successful in the important phases of a job hunt. In the second section, How to manage your life and career, you’ll get game-changing advice about how to be a star in your next job, alternatives to the corporate rat race, going into business for yourself, and more. And among the one-minute coaching tips in the third section, Coping with the hassles of it all, you’ll learn best ways to handle pre-interview anxiety and rejection, how to go into business for yourself, and alternatives to the corporate rat race.

In regards to using your one-minute job finding coach in a job-campaign, there are four easy steps to follow –

First, begin from where you are. The table of contents will guide you to suitable entry points. Should you have an interview scheduled, for example, you’ll know tough questions will be asked. So you can flip to ‘Interviewing questions’ under section one to learn impactful answering and asking strategies.

Second, select a coaching vignette to read. You can open to anywhere in a chapter and select at random a coaching vignette best suited to a problem you face today. You’ll get practical, straightforward, down-to-earth advice on a preponderance of job search and career development topics, whether it pertains to your job hunt, psychological issues, or career development challenges. Or you can skip around within the chapter to find a one-minute coaching you feel is the most suitable to help with an issue you face.

However, if a coaching doesn’t fit, don’t commit. Just read on until one grabs you. There’s no single technique that works best for everyone in a given circumstance. As the popular saying suggests, “different strokes for different folks.” Accordingly, you’ll succeed with the one you select. As the Good Book says, “let the counsel of thine own heart stand.”

Although the coaching vignettes that comprise each chapter weren’t written to be read in sequence, go ahead and do it if you have the time and inclination. Either way, you’ll catch the drift of a coaching in 60-seconds.

Third, digest what you’ve read. As your body needs to digest food to get nourishment and energy, your mind needs to absorb an idea—in this case, a particular minute coaching—in order to make it your own. Then you’re ready to apply a technique you’ve read to a current search problem. Some hints for mental digestion:

  • Chew on an idea by thinking about how you might apply it.
  • Contemplate on how it feels to you and if it fits your temperament and style.
  • Make believe you’re coaching a friend how to use the technique in a job campaign.
  • Visualize yourself using and enjoying a 60-second coaching to solve a current job-search dilemma.

Fourth, apply the coaching you’ve learned. Once you’re in harmony with a one-minute coaching, practice using it in your search. Practice is the key to solving a job-search or career conundrum. Practice motivates you to stop procrastinating something that’s preventing your job-finding campaign from moving forward. You’ll become a more accomplished candidate by using this practice key in the real world of your job campaign. It’s the key that opens the door to your mastering a technique through continued use of it in similar situations.

You’ll receive priceless benefits by following the four steps just described. A huge advantage is the brief amount of time it takes to read and get the hang of a coaching. You can always find a minute to learn and grow. Another nice take away is flexible use of your time. You can read a coaching whenever you feel like it, from wherever you are, and whenever you need a quick hit of motivation.

And when it comes to the real possibility of having to look for another position at a future date,  Your One-Minute Job finding Coach is here to remind you of tactics you might have forgotten. After all, learning is more about remembering than learning something new.

So make a commitment to read at least one coaching vignette to each day. You can always find 60-seconds to learn and grow.

Remember, it all comes down to practicing. Practice what you’ve read and digested, in your search, new job, and career.

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