Benefits From Reading “Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach”

How to find a job

How to find a job and manage your career while coping with the hassles of it all.

Author’s Introduction

When times are changing you need to depend upon those things that are changeless and anchor yourself to them. This book gives you methods for finding jobs and managing careers that have been time-tested over the years. You can rely on them.

Within these changing times, there’s been a trend to shortness in many areas of life—in the information you digest, commercials you watch, and in medicine and psychology. A study of psychologists in New York showed the biggest complaint was “patient preference for short-term therapy,” according to a printed report.

Presenting a book that gives you short-term coaching on how to apply proven strategies to your job search campaign, to the job you’ll land as a result, and to the many hassles encountered throughout your career.

The key word here is “apply.” It’s the doing of what’s been learned that helps the most to understand a concept and make it your own. The action taken to apply knowledge also prevents you from getting sucked into the downward spiral of anxiety or depression. Either one can lead to procrastination — postponing something then feeling guilty.

To procrastinate beginning your job hunt is like hesitating at the edge of a swimming pool, afraid to tumble in, until a friend who is already in the swim, yells, “hey, jump in. The water’s fine.” Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach is that friend inviting you to take the plunge right from where you’re standing; from whichever issue concerns you the most today.

The minute it takes to read a coaching, and the effort you make to implement it, can spell the difference between a longer or shorter job finding campaign; success or disappointment in the job you land.

To lose your job can be a great disappointment. But everyone experiences loss. Whether it’s the loss of a parent, pet, or position, you cannot get around it.

But there’s no need to get stuck in a circumstance. You can work through it and get on with your life in general and your search in particular. Therefore, you can choose to either brood over not knowing what to do or to study some of the solutions provided in a minute’s time. Then use one of them right away to solve a problem you face today.

In my many years as a career counselor, I’ve observed too many job candidates in outplacement settings who felt unready to start their job finding campaigns until they sucked up all the information offered in seminars, from the Internet, and from their career counselors. This took months! It takes long enough to find a job these days without wasting your valuable time by sitting on the sidelines.

There are several reasons why trying to learn it all before jumping in is detrimental to your job campaign. First, there’s too much information thrown at you all at once with too many pieces to try and fit together. Second, you forget one topic as soon as the next is introduced. And third, a generic program comes between you and making money by delaying your search and creating a dependency on others.

That’s why the short-term concept of learning and applying 60-second coaching vignettes is a focused and time effective way get the hang of a technique you need to learn this day to solve ‘this’ specific problem encountered in your search or profession. You spend less time learning and more time working towards your goal of getting offers.

Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach is the antithesis of a boring course of study. Rather than being obligated to wade through someone’s rigid curriculum, you can start right now, right from where you are, and find a one-minute coaching vignette to fit your circumstance. Psychology has proven that flexibility in applying a small number of strategies and techniques to resolve an issue is more successful than tedious cookie-cutter approaches offered in methods just mentioned and in practically all outplacement programs.

However, an issue is solved only for now. It’s always for now. It’s always for ‘this’ problem. Other problems will pop up like tissues in a Kleenex box. When you take a tissue, another pops up to take its place. Problems are like that. You’re always dealing with issues in life that arise one by one. “Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach”  shows you best ways to handle career problems as they spring up in your search and career. One problem at a time. One coaching at a time. One -minute at a time.

When a particular coaching works, you’ll find things improving in other areas of your search. The ripple effect throughout your job finding campaign will be profound. You’ll also reap the benefits of heightened confidence and success that comes from applying a one-minute coaching to each problem as it pops up.

As alluded to earlier, the mere learning of techniques is inadequate. It’s like using your mind as a storage bin. In order to be good at something, you need to integrate what’s been learned into your life. Otherwise, you’re just storing material in your brain. More important than the knowledge piece is its application to ‘this’ problem through practice. This is how to polish and strengthen techniques until implementing them on the spot becomes second nature.

Does your job campaign feel stuck? Then look at your job loss as an opportunity to become unstuck. Treading water might have to do with trying the same old same old that no longer works for you. What’s needed is the influx of new ideas. This book is a kaleidoscope of ideas to help you break out of a holding pattern, into a smooth glide path leading you towards a successful job campaign and the happy landing you seek.

In order to be successful, you must have the intention to succeed. Success is your state of mind. With an affirmative mindset, changes that make success possible lie within your grasp.

I’ve observed job candidates with more optimistic views of life were the most likely to succeed. Their hopeful viewpoints were attained with short-term successes during job campaigns. To read and execute the coaching drills also enables you to enjoy the confidence that comes from the multiplication of daily successes. They empower your job campaign to move along and build momentum.

Nobody needs to tell you about how some brief advice from a family member, friend, or mentor can change the direction of your life. Mine was transformed with a quick bit of counsel from my wife. Some years ago, we were discussing a career conundrum about my work as a disc jockey on New York Radio. So where’s the conundrum? Who wouldn’t love to have a job where the main requirement is the ability to open your mouth?

While I loved hosting music and selling products on-air, something was missing. I also loved to write. That being the case, my goal was to segue from music to the news end of the business where I could also write the words I spoke. Now for the quandary: News directors to whom I applied didn’t take me seriously. I was typecast as an entertainer.

“Why don’t you go back to school?” Ellie asked. Those seven words, delivered in just two seconds by my soul mate, was the brief advice that enabled me to solve the career issue. As the result of earning a Master’s in journalism, I was able to spend many more years behind a microphone as a news writer, anchor, and reporter in New York and for two national news networks.

When it comes to writing, a journalist learns early on to keep narrowing the focus to the main topic. This keeps a piece of writing from wandering off point. You’ll keep your job campaign on point by applying the technique of narrowing your focus to ‘this’ problem that needs to be solved this day. Sure, it’s nice to see your campaign from 360-degree view. Nevertheless, you also need to narrow that view down to the one challenge you need to work on right now.

Although you’ll find a plethora of techniques in each chapter to help you focus on specific issues, it’s not okay to invest your ego into just one of them. Ego investment inhibits your ability to transition to other techniques you might also find useful. Besides, there’s no one best tactic to use. Like the medical model, you have choices. Take Hypertension. High blood pressure can be treated with beta-blockers, diet, exercise, or a combination thereof.

Likewise, you can choose to work with ‘this’ problem from best search and career practices contained within these pages. You’re given open-ended and continuous coaching, presented from different perspectives. You can use them separately or in combination. The idea is to work with the techniques you’re comfortable with. Thoreau knew this well when he said, “Let him step to the music which he hears…”

With whichever coaching you choose to hear in order to solve ‘this’ issue, you’re able to focus on he solution instead of the problem. To zero in on solutions gets easier with practice. As your one-minute job finding coach, we act as partners. You need to experience for yourself, not accept the wisdom of an author, seminar leader, or career consultant.

So don’t believe a word I’ve written unless my words feel right to you. What’s right is to do what you gotta do—face and solve specific daily challenges that pop up during your search and career. Remember, there’s no best way to go about it. You can only solve ‘this’ issue with a coaching you select. Then go practice it.

Solutions lie within you. The wisdom of others can only suggest. Many job search clients I’ve coached have come up with the most exquisite techniques of all. I’ve shared some of their inventions. You, too, will be able to create search and career strategies of your own after building a foundation from applying some of the one-minute coaching vignettes you’ve elected to work with.

The work of solving life’s problems never ends. It’s like going to the dentist. Although the doctor’s work is finished for now, you’ll be back. In the same way, your work of solving ‘this’ problem in your search or career is finished for now. But you’ll be back.

Which is why your investment in this book will hold its value throughout your career. May it be fruitful, satisfying and long lasting.

Best regards,

Randy Place

Greenwich, CT

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