Two more techniques for developing a successful habit

The title of an old movie I watched on TV yesterday reminded me of the “if-then” technique for developing a successful habit for success: “If it’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” is about an English tour guide who takes groups of Americans on whirlwind 18 day sightseeing tours of Europe. Therefore, if it’s a Tuesday, then  his group would be in Belgium.

What does the movie have to do with developing a habit for success? You can apply the if-then technique to your job or job search whenever you feel stuck.

How to use the if-then technique for developing successful habits

Let’s pretend making telephone calls is the part of your work that’s become stuck. You’d rather have a tooth pulled than make those daily calls. You can develop a new habit for success—making calls—by selecting a time each day for telephoning. Then apply the “If-then” technique by saying to yourself, “if it’s ten, then I’ll make phone calls.”.

What if a colleague or an incoming phone call interrupts your calls? Your mantra becomes, “if the interruption halts, then I’ll return to the calls.”

Another method for developing a successful habit is called “The Anchoring Technique”

Let’s also pretend that you’ve become stuck with the networking piece of your job search because you hate to ask people you know for help. A new successful habit can be developed to overcome your reluctance to making networking calls by anchoring them to the ones you’re already making at ten in the morning. Then your self-talk becomes, “after I finish making routine calls, I’ll add a few calls from my networking list.

The key word here is “few.” When you make a low level of commitment to the habit you wish to establish, you can’t fail by committing to just two or three calls. Okay, just one will do nicely in the beginning. As you can see, you’ve anchored the habit you wish to establish to one you’ve already built.

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