Learn how to prepoare for tricky interview questions

WHEN A JOB INTERVIEWER THROWS you a curve ball, you can either duck, or step back and knock the ball out of the ballpark. Knowing how to ace an interview by preparing for typical tough interview questions might not be enough. But you should check out this previous post on Your Career Service as part of your interview preparation.

Lots of hiring managers and HR types are now conducting a new kind of interview. They’re called behavioral interviews where you could be asked tricky interview questions such as, “What was the last movie you saw? Or, “What was the last book that you read?”

Surveys show that almost fifty percent of interviewers ask tricky interview questions like those. That’s because they want to know that your personal life is happy and satisfying. If it is, the theory goes, you’re less likely to get burnt out at work.

So you either duck the curve ball by replying, “duh,” Or hit it out of the ballpark by knowing how to discuss the latest movie you saw or book that you read.

Even if you are a TV couch potato, you need to drag yourself to a good movie and haul your butt to a bookstore or library to check out new fiction or nonfiction releases.

How to answer tough interview questions in the behavioral category is easy when you take notes on what you liked about the movie you saw and the book that you read.

By the way, interviewers also may try to test you by discussing current events. You’ll impress them by listening to the latest news report on your car radio or smartphone on your way to the interview.

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