Making That First Impression at Work

This is Randy Place with a  60-second coaching vignette about first impressions

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Your first week on the new job is the most important week for making a positive first impression. So you better hit the street running to prevent it from becoming your last week.

You can make a good and lasting first impression when you make sure that you and your boss are on the same page. Ask for a brief meeting to review your job description with him. And talk to others in your department who have held the same job.

Your first week is also the time to develop office relationships. But do not share intimate secrets. Your co-workers are also your competitors. For example, if a dozen of you are in a training program, only a few may end up getting the super positions.

And carry a notebook to take notes at meetings. Your manager will consider your note taking a sign of respect. How’s that? When you take notes, she’ll be flattered that you think her words are worth writing down.

Take a few minutes to glance at your notes after each meeting. Then chat with the person who led the meeting to restate your understanding of whatever action plan was discussed.

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RANDY PLACE is a career counselor and author of Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach.

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