Hi, this is Randy Place with a one-minute coaching vignette on aptitudes

A spiritual teacher said you must avoid becoming one of those lost souls who wander through life trying their hand at every field of endeavor except for what they are born to do.

What were you born to do? The aptitudes you were born with provide the answer. Career advisors love talking about your skills. But hardly you’re your aptitudes. But it’s those aptitudes—the natural abilities you were born with—that will make what you do even more successful

While skills are those things you’re able to do right now—like singing, or operating a forklift—aptitudes are the special qualities inherited from your parents. But to turn an aptitude like singing into a skill, you must tap into it and train your voice to the level of a skill.

The wise teacher also said you were born with a unique mission in life. You’re granted the specific aptitudes, talents, and resources necessary to excel in the role you were born to do.

So discover your aptitudes by noticing what things and work you’re drawn to or vibrate towards. Chances are that’s what you were born to do.

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Randy Place
RANDY PLACE is a job finding coach, author, writer on career topics, broadcaster, and host of www.yourcareerservice.com For 23 years, he helped over a thousand downsized employees at JPMorganChase find jobs. He also coached executives at CBS, Pitney Bowes, and major outplacement firms in New York on job-finding, communications skills, and sales strategies An accomplished seminar leader and speaker, Randy has designed and presented workshops on job finding and sales training nationwide. His nationally syndicated radio series, Your Career Service, has been heard on over two hundred radio stations in the US. Randy is the author of “Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach” and writes about career topics on www.yourCareerService.com. His articles about job finding have appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly. A former sales executive at NBC, broadcast journalist, and commercials spokesperson, Randy holds a Bachelor’s in Broadcasting from Syracuse University, and a Master’s in Journalism from NYU.

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