How move quickly when the time is right

YOU’VE GOT TO MOVE QUICKLY when a business or career opportunity comes your way or you’ll lose it. In his book, The Art of The Deal, Donald Trump writes, “It just goes to show that it pays to move quickly and decisively when the time is right.”

Trump showed the great deal he made for his home in Mara Largo, Florida. The seller had turned-down his original high bid. Some years later when the property hadn’t sold, Trump moved quickly with a much, lower offer. It was accepted.

High performing people like Trump aren’t just lucky. They’ve learned to intuitively act now. But that takes the ability to make decisions and I present various decision-making techniques in my book Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach. 

One technique is a psychologist’s formula to thinkplan, and act. Then don’t look back. THINK about the pros and cons of the situation. Based on the ramifications you’ve come up with, create a quick PLAN as to the best way for you to proceed. Then ACT NOW on your plan.

When you think…decide…plan…and act…. you’ll know when the time is right to move quickly.

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RANDY PLACE is a job finding coach, author, writer on career topics, broadcaster, and host of For 23 years, he helped over a thousand downsized employees at JPMorganChase find jobs. He also coached executives at CBS, Pitney Bowes, and major outplacement firms in New York on job-finding, communications skills, and sales strategies An accomplished seminar leader and speaker, Randy has designed and presented workshops on job finding and sales training nationwide. His nationally syndicated radio series, Your Career Service, has been heard on over two hundred radio stations in the US. Randy is the author of “Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach” and writes about career topics on His articles about job finding have appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly. A former sales executive at NBC, broadcast journalist, and commercials spokesperson, Randy holds a Bachelor’s in Broadcasting from Syracuse University, and a Master’s in Journalism from NYU.

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