Why Millennials Can’t Find Jobs

Today’s one-minute coaching vignette is about why you millennials are finding it so hard to find a job.

Some experts say it’s the soft job market. Combine that with so many older workers hanging onto their jobs longer, and a big number of the 18-34 set is left out in the cold.

Then there’s the real reason you’re not finding work. You are going about it the wrong way. You’re making the big mistake MOST job hunters make. That’s spending all of your time wallpapering your resume on the Internet. This makes sense to young job-hunters who rely on their Internet skills. It comes easy for you. And it feels like you’re doing lots of work.

What you’re doing is spinning your wheels instead as your applications fall into that black hole in cyberspace.

To find a job, don’t avoid the personal approach your parents had mastered. That would be networking and contacting recruiters. Many more of you will find work by making personal contacts.

Outplacement firm Drake Beam Morin once conducted a survey of over 14-thousand clients who received job offers. Only seven percent landed jobs through the Internet. The rest—ninety three percent—got their jobs by networking.


BTW, my book about how to find jobs has a big chapter devoted entirely to networking tips. The title of chapter nine is “Networking: The Quickest Way to Get Interviews.” You’ll receive thirty networking strategies you can apply to your search. And each networking tip can be read and understood in just 60-seconds each.

The networking chapter alone is worth the price of the book, Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach. There are over 400 pages packed with job finding tips and tactics—all that you need to know about how to find a job and manage your career.

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Randy Place
RANDY PLACE is a job finding coach, author, writer on career topics, broadcaster, and host of www.yourcareerservice.com For 23 years, he helped over a thousand downsized employees at JPMorganChase find jobs. He also coached executives at CBS, Pitney Bowes, and major outplacement firms in New York on job-finding, communications skills, and sales strategies An accomplished seminar leader and speaker, Randy has designed and presented workshops on job finding and sales training nationwide. His nationally syndicated radio series, Your Career Service, has been heard on over two hundred radio stations in the US. Randy is the author of “Your One-Minute Job Finding Coach” and writes about career topics on www.yourCareerService.com. His articles about job finding have appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly. A former sales executive at NBC, broadcast journalist, and commercials spokesperson, Randy holds a Bachelor’s in Broadcasting from Syracuse University, and a Master’s in Journalism from NYU.

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